Tall Ship Hotel


Welcome to our unique Hotel – A Home on board a real ocean-going Tall Ship.

After a rich and eventful history of the past 60 years at high seas, our Tall Ship will be now comfortably moored in the safety of Marina San Miguel in Tenerife for only one year of well deserved rest, providing unusual holiday accommodation for you, your family and friends.

If you ever dreamed about spending a night on a real historic wooden ship, smell the smooth fragrance of salty oak frames and feel the gentle rocking, but did not want the challenge of actually sailing – this is the chance for you.

Come with your family, there is no age limit. From the youngest children to any age. Make their dreams come true! We have everything you will ever need to make everybody comfortable. Birthday celebrations are so much more fun on board! Our amazing chef who prepares a real feast for your tastes during our unique Fine Dining Experience each week will cook delicious dishes just for you taking into account all diets, allergies and tastes. Read more…

We only have 18 beds for our guests so please do not wait until the last minute as these book very quickly.  Check our list of Events, Excursions and Local Attractions to make the most of your holiday time.

Welcome aboard!


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