Historic wooden Tall Ship providing once in the lifetime experience for people of all ages and from all backgrounds. We work closely with Sail Training Charity welcoming onboard schools, scouts, cadets as well as yacht clubs, corporate team building and other training programmes.

Whether it is Dolphin and Whale spotting and photographing, star gazing during the night at anchor or swimming in the Atlantic Ocean there is something for everybody. During our stay in the Canary Islands travelling between Tenerife, La Gomera and Gran Canaria we visit volcanoes and the tropical forest, eat healthy local food and watch breathtaking sunsets every day whilst sailing leisurely to the next destination.

No experience is necessary, it is safe and all will be shown and explained to you on board by our experienced crew. There is no age limit, from babies to seniors everybody is welcome. We have comfortable beds with soft bedding, fresh towels, clean cabins and sea-view all around. There are hot spacious showers and over 2 meters of head room below the deck.

You will benefit from visiting a number of different destinations and wake up in a different place every day.

Sail with us aboard JDL and you will find all you ever dreamed about; thrilling stories, life changing experience, romance of adventure and stories of colourful piracy from they by-gone era plus lots more… Click on the ‘Schedule’ button for dates and prices

Have you ever wanted to be a helmsman or a navigator? Sail to new lands and bask in the Atlantic Ocean sunshine. Do you want to feel the steering wheel in your hands and watch her dress up with shiny white sails? Whatever your dreams, make them come true. Onboard JDL you will become part of world accredited Sail Training Programme, learning how to steer the ship, work with sails and ropes, navigate by day and night and lots more. We are sure you will exceed your expectations, and at the end of the week you will get a Sail Training Certificate too! Come with your family or alone and enjoy the way you choose! When in the harbour you are invited to raise a glass of pirates favourite drink which you will find in our salon.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!