Tall Ship Hotel


Private Skippered Charter with a group of friends or family

One of the best things to do in the privacy of your yacht with professional discreet crew helping every minute of your charter. You can even try helming (steering the ship) all by yourself, learn about the ropes and navigation as well as other aspects of Sail Training which the Captain and the Crew can provide depending on your requirements. You can try it all first hand! However you don’t have to if you choose to enjoy the sunshine and relax on one of the sun beds on the deck whether watching the dolphins or tuning into the motion of the waves and music of the afternoon breeze.

Enjoy the crystal clear waters around the sunny and calm part of South-Western Tenerife. See whales, dolphins in their natural environment, visit secluded bays, swim, snorkel, see turtles, no crowds and onlookers, maximum 18 persons. Free snacks and Free drinks are included. Enjoy the romance and freedom of piracy with a large dose of modern day Luxury. Set your imagination to old by-gone era of white sails above your head.

No matter which way you choose to enjoy your experience, the privacy is guaranteed and the sailing dreams will stay in your memory forever.



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