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Corporate sailing

This elegant tall ship really lends itself to the business arena. Its versatility ensures that it is the perfect choice for corporate functions and sponsorship opportunities alike, whether providing an impressive venue for meetings and evening receptions when moored or corporate sail days and adventure sailing cruises.

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JDL offers a unique and eye catching sponsorship opportunity. With the ability to advertise your company logo or event in a number of highly visible points on the ship, JDL ensures that your message will attract the attention from the largest possible audience. From banners hung along the side of the ship or dropped down in front of the sails to flags and bunting.

As each package is unique and depends on your requirements please contact us for details.

What JDL can offer:
– Overprinting the sail – we have 9 sail and the main square one is the perfect banner for advertising.
– The top sail is towering well above all ships in most of the marinas we visit – a bit smaller and definitely most visible in marinas and at sea
– Jibs/ Triangles – sails at the very front of the ship – most used ones both at sea and for any manoeuvres in the bay or in the port
– Flag at the top mast – this can be of any size or shape
– Banner on the aft/bak balustrade of the ship – this can be 85cm high but up to 10m long – also can be sold in section of 1 or 2 meters and display on the port side in the marinas
– Tent – this is used during parties and during major events – can be overprinted on the top side for the media and on the underneath side for the guests. Any artwork is accepted. I will confirm the precise size in next email
– Print on the crew uniform t-shirts and wind stoppers
– Display and distribution of leaflets and merchandise during events
In addition to this we can offer:
– use of the ship as a venue for clients’ meetings, entertainment, corporate hospitality, team building, rewards scheme – anything that is requested by the sponsor
– sponsored events including parties onboard in the port/marina
– we can organise music festival – we have several friendly bands interested and I could organise cooperation from most of the city boards for an event involving shanties music
We can consider all other suggestions
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