Family holidays

Jean de la Lune is a family orientated tall ship.

We sail with children of all ages – there is no age limit and the ship is safe and prepared for all. Our daughter was 3-months-old when she sailed for the first time and today she is 3-year-old and sailed over 10 000 miles and visited several countries onboard Jean de la Lune.

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Wherever we go we make friends who sail with us during Summer Holidays, Winter Half Term Christmas and Easter and all other times when children are allowed time off school. Join our circle of friends, visit new places and discover the wonders of this fantastic world.  Give your children best start in life – let them Experience!

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We sail with our amazing and loved by everybody dog Golden Retriever. He loves children and all children love him. Our dog grew up together with our daughter and they are now inseparable.

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Dolphins are part of our every day sailing. We can hear them, see them, smell them…. well only some of us can touch them.

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We also meet other animals

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We carry with us a large number of child size life vests and the ship is well protected with high sides, netting and other safety devices.

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Come sailing with us!