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Enjoy Fine Dining Experience on board beautiful romantic Historic Tall Ship for special occasions and every day pleasure. In Marina San Miguel, Golf del Sur, Tenerife South. Please click here for directions to the marina.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and  Saturdays  every week our chef prepares an amazing 12 course Signature menu from Around the World inspired by the Ship’s 61 years of travels. All of this for only €59 per person for the entire evening and all of the monies will be carefully spent on the ship’s renovation such as buying paints and oils for the aged timbers and many other essentials.

On the evening you will receive:

  • private tour of this classic historic ship
  • unlimited pre-dinner drinks at sunset which you can watch from the aft (back) balcony
  • 12 signature courses prepared to your individual tastes and diets (please let us know about allergies)
  • a carafe of carefully selected Tenerife wine from the vineyards of Abona for two

For all events doors open from 7pm food served from 8pm.

The experience starts with pre-dinner drinks when you watch the sun setting on the stern viewing deck of the ship. At 8pm our chef will invite all guests to their tables where exquisite food will be served in a set order to enchant your senses and tease your taste buds. Food is served with specially selected Tenerife wine, sourced from our local vineyards of Abona, located in the lower parts of Volcano El Teide.

As this is not a typical restaurant. We only have 16 guests each night and prepare food to suit everybody’s diets and allowing for allergies. It means that you can be sure that everybody can eat all dishes served.

We cater for Vegans, Vegetarians, Coeliacs and lots of other diets. This creates a friendly and relaxing atmosphere which accompanies each meal. We have all tables set for four persons. It is usual that by the time your meal is served you will know all other guests that night and very often tables are joint together for deserts or after dinner drinks.

Dress code is relaxed however lots of guests like to make it a special occasion. Please do not wear sharp ended shoes as this is a ship after all and you will want to be comfortable when walking around on the teak deck. Please bring with you a shawl or a warmer jacket for some cooler evenings as events might go on well into the late night with all guests enjoying each others company, chatting and relaxing at their tables or on the hammocks on the festive lit deck sipping slow drinks or even playing instruments until early hours.

It always makes it most special if you decide to stay in one of our suites overnight as you do not have to rush home or to your hotel after the meal, allowing you more relaxing time to enjoy.  

For just €30 including breakfast which is a €9 discount per person why not end your evening perfectly by staying onboard.

Please let us know about any special diets, allergies or food preferences as each dish is especially tailored to the personal preferences of each guest.

Fine dining events are organised every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Additional dates are possible for parties and group friends re-unions, anniversaries or weddings. Day time lunch menu option is also available between 12noon and 3pm.

All profits go directly towards the restorations and maintenance of the ship, and help to keep this beautiful 61 years old wooden tall ship sailing. We buy marine paints and oils as well as doing lots of below the deck maintenance which is not as easy to see on the evening. We can tell you all about it. We welcome volunteers who would like to leave their touch and become part of this ship’s living history.

The ship is open every day Wednesday to Sunday for a FREE visit and coffee / tea or cold drinks or even a light lunch between 12pm and 3pm. Just come along when you are passing by. All monies add up and are dedicated to buying vital materials as well as other necessary parts to keep this historic ship afloat for you and other trainees to enjoy.

If you prefer to return back to your apartment or hotel after the dinner we will order a taxi for you.

Price for the entire dining experience is only €59 per person. Food is served with specially selected for you Tenerife wine. If you are lucky to have received one of our special vouchers please bring it with you as you will receive FREE bottle of wine for two to enjoy. Every week the menu changes slightly, it always follows the same formula however the dishes change to allow for new experiences.  As well as eating amazing food you will also make new friends and take home amazing memories from the evening. Book online or call to book +34 683 666 593 or +44 7500 664 146




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