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Now you have booked your holiday and are looking forward to your tall ship experience there are a few things you can learn and discover during your stay.

 Jean de la Lune Tallship - Canary Islands

Words we use on our tall ship

Deck – This is the wooden part of the ship where you stand

Cabins – Your rooms

Galley – Kitchen
Mess – Dining Room
Heads – Toilets
Bow – Front
Aft or Stern – Back
Starboard – Right hand-side
Port side – left hand-side
Mast – These are the vertical pieces of wood which holds the sails and yards
Yards – These are the horizontal pieces of wood on the fore mast which hold the sails
Boom and Gaff – These are the horizontal (lower and upper) pieces of wood on the main mast which hold the main sail
Sails – White pieces of cloth above your head

What you can expect
Life on a tall ship never stops. As you are with us on your relaxing holiday in Tenerife, Canary Islands, life on board is also more laid back. When not sightseeing you can jump into the marina’s secure swimming pool for a refreshing swim or sunbathe and relax on the deck or in the hammock.

The day starts with breakfast of your choice served between 8.30am and 10.am.  Lunch is served from 12pm to 2pm and cooked dinner at 8pm. You will be served tea and coffee throughout the day together with a selection of cakes and biscuits.

Be aware of the activities around you

On the ship we have a number of automatic pumps and sensors which go on and off at all times of the day and night. For example bilge pumps or grey water pumps (for waste water) might be turned on in the middle of the night when the entire ship is otherwise quiet. Bilge sensors will be beeping to tell us that we need to pump them out. Do not be alarmed. As soon as you get on board we will have a safety briefing and we will tell you what to expect and what to watch out for.


All rooms are sold on Bed and Breakfast option. Please let us know about any special diets or allergies. Depending on the food package which you have selected you will be served breakfast of your choice from 8.30am until 10am and then you will be free to join your selected excursions or just have time off as you wish.

Basic stay includes continental breakfast with unlimited tea and coffee, juices, yoghurts, breads, cheeses, pate and local choriso and lots of fresh local fruit. If you would prefer a more substantial cooked English breakfast please let us know at least a day earlier.

In the evenings you can join us for a delicious meal served on the deck whilst you watch the sunset. Food is served from 8pm each night and you can choose from a selection of tapas for €12.50, three course dinner for €25 including delicious soup or starters, main course, which is a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian (different choices each day so you never get bored with eating the same food twice) with local vegetables, and of course mouthwatering desert to finish.  This meal comes with a generous ship’s measure glass of wine or another drink of your choice. We have a selection of local wine on board from Tenerife, our local vineyards of Abona which you can see from our boat, as well as ice cold beer, rum, whisky, gin and an entire selection of other drinks.

If you can’t decide and want to try it all definitely do not miss the  Fine Dining Experience.

If you require picnic or packed lunch for the day please let us know the previous day. These are available at €6.50 per person and include sandwiches, fruit, crisps, chocolate bar and juice or water.

If you however want to see the island and try local restaurants instead of eating with us on board, you can still buy a meal or two with us on board the Tall Ship at €25 per person per meal. These include three courses or more depending on the day, but never the less and include a bottle of Tenerife wine for two.

Meals are cooked on board and served at breakfast 8.30am- 10am, lunch 12pm – 3pm and dinner 8pm onwards.  There is unlimited tea and coffee available between the meals 24hr.

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (sometimes also Saturday) we organise Fine Dining Experience on board our tall ship. This is a whole evening event with our guest chef preparing 12 amazing dishes for you to taste during the evening. The price is €39 per person and the menu includes dishes from Around the World collected and inspired by the ship’s 61 yeas of travels, by people whom we’ve met and ports we’ve visited. This is a tasting feast, a night to remember, which you should definitely experience when visiting our ship. 


It is against our rules to bring your own alcohol onboard. We have in our on board bar a selection of local beer, wine and rum, gin, whisky which you can buy at very low prices. Our staff can refuse to serve alcohol for various reasons. Captain’s decision is final.

You might be asked to leave the ship when causing nuisance or disturbing other guests or staff under the influence of alcohol. Rudeness will never be tolerated.

On arrival

You will be welcomed by the captain (or a senior crew member) and you will be shown to your cabin. We have single and double bunks, 1900mm-1950mm long with either two or four bunks in each cabin. Bedding consists of a bed sheet, pillow and duvet and there are various thicknesses of blankets and additional pillows to make your stay comfortable. You will be given a towell and shown how to use the toilets, showers and hot water. A safety briefing will be given each time even if you have stayed with us before. Please listen to the instructions and take them seriously. We make these rules for your safety and for the safety of other guests.

Dress code

Even when coming to the warm Canary Islands the nights can be cool. As we will be spending lots of time outside during the night and staying on the deck,  you are advised to bring a warm jumper or a scarf. As with everything from toothbrushes to warm fleeces, we have a selection of warm clothing on board so if you forget something, you don’t need to worry -we will look after you.

Shoes – what to bring

Definitely bring soft comfortable shoes for walking on the deck or you can simply walk bare feet. During certain months of the year we might ask you to walk across a detergent-soaked mat so that you can clean your soles to stop any bug infestations and to prevent bringing eggs on board. Do not bring your best shoes as the ship is not a catwalk and you will be better off being comfortable rather than fashionable … high/sharp ended heels are definitely forbidden!

Do I have to take my shoes off?

Most of the time you can wear your shoes on deck, or you can go barefoot. The crew all do in the port.  Sometimes you might be asked to take your shoes off and leave them in a basket before climbing aboard the ship to stop bringing unwanted insect eggs onto the deck.

How to get to the marina

You you will be emailed a map and directions to the joining marina at the time of booking your stay. In the Canary Islands we stay in Marina San Miguel which is a short 10 min taxi ride from Tenerife South airport. Please keep your mobile phone turned on as occasionally the captain might have to make a last minute arrangement to pick you up a few minutes later. Unless you arrange your own transport we will pick you up from the airport when you land and bring you directly to the ship. This will cost you €12 for each trip. If you arriving with a larger group we will suggest a larger taxi which might cost between €15 and €18 and you will pay this directly to the driver.

Itinerary and changes

As with most things on the islands your itinerary will mostly depend on the weather. Your comfort on board is always our first priority and therefore on rare occasions the captain might decide to make a change to the schedule. You will be kept fully informed and we will give you options to choose from. There is a very long list of things you can do and see in Tenerife and we will talk about all of them on the first night of your stay.

Tides and swell movement in the marina

Our tall ship is originally designed to sail. Her hull is very smooth and she is shaped to cut through the waves. But of course, just like every sailing ship even in the marina you will feel a small element of movement due to both the wind in the higher parts of the ship (the sails and yards) and the tides coming and going out every 12 hours. There may also be some slight rocking and banging depending on the sea state, but this is nothing to worry about and is quite normal and only adds flavour to your stay.

DO NOT pull any ropes!

Most of our visitors wonder how hard it is to pull the ropes. It is not hard at all and of course we will show you some of the tricks if you are interested. It will be our pleasure and delight but you must NEVER pull or untie any ropes by yourself without asking. Please pay special attention to your children as all of our ropes and lines are working and they might cause SERIOUS INJURY or DAMAGE. We will tell you about this many times during your stay.

Can I climb aloft?

No, you can’t. In fact we don’t go aloft very often and most of the work is done from the deck level. Our crew will be delighted to explain you all about the work aloft. Climbing up any ladders is strictly forbidden and dangerous.


It is down to you to keep your own cabin tidy. We provide clean bedding every week, however if you need an additional set please let us know.  We are eco friendly and staying in the marina makes the hotel even more environmentally conscious.  We do not allow glasses and plates below the deck and to your cabin. We also ask you to always keep drinks in bottles with a safe top.

There are electric toilets on board JDL. It is down to your courtesy to leave them tidy for your fellow guests. If you have a problem with using or keeping the toilet tidy please report this to the crew immediately as once it gets out of hand everybody will suffer. Please do not put anything into the toilet and this includes toilet paper. Items such as dental floss, cotton wipes, baby wipes, eye make up remover, chewing gum, feminine pads and similar will block the toilet immediately.  Just remember to leave these places as tidy for others as you would like to find them yourself.

You should always leave the ship and your cabin as clean and tidy as you have found it when you arrived. Of course you might think that you are on holiday and we also thought of that option for you. There is a small charge for cleaning your cabin of only €20 per cabin.  If you decide that cleaning is not for you just let the crew know.


Similar to all hotels we will ask you for a small deposit before your trip or stay with us. Of course if not used and all is well it will be returned to you when you check out. This is not unusual and protects the ship and allows for all repairs to be carried out immediately before next guests arrive.  Just as you would expect to happen before your arrival. If you are concerned please speak with the crew about it.

When you sign and date the booking form it is understood that you have read and understood all of the above points mentioned in this above manual. If you are not sure – please ask the crew for details.

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