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Q: How do I book?

A: There are several ways you can do this. Best is definitely to call us on +44 208 144 1253. You will get the time to ask all questions and receive instant answers. You can also fill in the online booking form including your telephone number and email and we will contact you back or simply drop us a line at jdl@sailjdl.co.uk.

Select your trip from the sailing schedule published online. Download Crew Agreement Form and health statement and email it to jdl@sailjdl.co.uk or post to: Anchor House, 120 Chipstead Lane, Sevenoaks TN13 2AL, UK

Pay deposit £100 per person to reserve your place for 5 days or transfer the full amount so we can book your flights and complete the booking.

Account Details:

EIP Sailing Ltd, GBP Sterling acct for £ payments Sort code 20-76-55, Account Number: 63015068 BIC: BARCGB22 IBAN: GB30 BARC 2076 5563 0150 68.

EIP Sailing Ltd, Euro Account acct for € payments Sort code 20-76-55, Account Number: 77765533 BIC: BARCGB22 IBAN: GB75 BARC 2076 5577 7655 33.

You can also use PayPal by sending your payment to jdl@sailjdl.co.uk

Please ensure that you quote the trip you want to book and your name if the payment goes from somebody else’s bank account.

EIP Sailing Ltd is the owner of STS Jean de la Lune and the Company is registered in England and Wales No. 08918862, VAT 201 3316 75.

Bookings may be done by e-mail, telephone or by posting the booking form to us. Bookings are not confirmed until we have received your deposit as specified below and until you have received a confirmation email from us.

If you are booking more than 4 months before the scheduled sailing:
You will be asked to pay £100 within 5 days from sending your booking form. Only the receipt of deposit secures your place
Further instalment of 50% of the fee will be due to be paid within 30 days from sending your booking form.
Remainder of the fee will have to be paid within 60 days from sending your booking form.

If you are booking within 2-3 months away from the scheduled sailing:
You will be asked to pay 30% deposit within 5 days from sending your booking form.
Remainder 70% of the fee will have to be paid within 30 days from sending your booking form.

If you are booking last minute which is less than 1 month away from the scheduled sailing:
You will be asked to pay the full amount within 5 days from sending your signed booking form. At this stage only full payment guarantees your place on board.

Q: Why is this a great holiday?

A: Well, the list is very long but these might be the main highlights (for you & your children). You will have an amazing holiday full of adventure and unique experiences whilst learning the basics of sailing and navigation, tying ropes, weather forecasting, geography and an appreciation of the individuality of the people in your team and the natural life around you

Enjoy several destinations in one trip. It’s like a travelling (sailing) hotel. In most of the ports there will be sightseeing available and many attractions to enjoy. We always try to stop at one or two different ports each week and whenever possible we organise cars or mini bus to do as much sightseeing as possible.

Spot and photograph the Dolphins and Whales and enjoy unforgettable landscapes and scenery. Visit volcanic landscape and tropical rainforest both from the sea and land during many organised excursions. Enjoy vibrant cities and historic ports.

Learn to work as a team in the real meaning of the term. You can decide to join in the daily sailing and ship’s activities or just relax and be our guest. Whichever you choose we will provide the best possible experience for you.

Face and beat your fears – you are not alone: the team is your family and they will always support and encourage you and never let you down. You will be encouraged to learn new skills of steering the 80 ton 110ft ship, set the course and trim the 550m2 of our sails. You can learn the navigation and enjoy the stars gazing at night. We can teach you about the ancient way of navigating and finding your way through the constellations.

Another option is to just sit back and relax and watch the sun go down slowly beyond the horizon. Enjoy the warm sunshine and let your mind unwind in the hammock on the deck whilst the ship is gently moving to the rhythm of the waves. Sample the local food and tease your taste buds with unique delicacies.

Q: Why JDL?

A: JDL provides a unique experience. She is one of the very few remaining all wooden traditional and manually operated tall ships. Made in France in 1957 JDL was designed to be a Sailing Vessel – unlike some other ships which you might see, which were made to motor and fitted with sails only for support. The difference is incredible when it comes to sailing which we do all the time and in all weather. When originally built JDL did not have an engine, this “luxury” was fitted later to comply with port regulations. When onboard you will feel and smell the aged oak frames and planks and feel the cosy relaxing atmosphere. The headroom is 2 meters below deck, and also above deck in the mess rooms. There are comfortable cabins with full size beds and crisp clean cotton bedding with proper duvet and pillows. The majority are twin cabins (two single bunks) but also we have cabins for three and four people, all with private wash basins and a a mirror. There are Central Heating radiators in all cabins. We even have a family apartment (2 connected cabins sleeping up to 5) with a large double bed and single bunks for the children with an en-suite bathroom and a private shower. There are five electric toilets on the ship and four decent size showers with large comfortable heads (note: are you talking about the heads or the showers?!?) to have a hot shower or a cool rinse after a swim in the ocean.

Q: How is my trip protected?

A: JDL is compliant with ALL UK Health and Safety regulations. These are regularly monitored and registered by the MCA (Maritime Coastal Agency). A fully trained and qualified crew will take care for the safety onboard and if you wish will offer you Sailing Training Programme and get you ready for your next adventure. Unlike other Brokers or Travel Agencies, we own JDL so our prices are unbeatable and we can always accommodate your needs and requests when possible.

Q: What if I am sick and am no longer enjoying the trip ?

A: Talk to the crew before this spoils your holiday, and remember that as soon as the ship reaches port, you will feel better. There are a few ways we can help you to overcome the sickness and to get back on track. We’ve been sailing at sea for many years and we know the tricks, and these include nibbling ginger biscuits or preserved ginger, drinking ginger tea, or using a travel wrist band (we have some of these on board). Being involved in activities on board also helps stave off seasickness, especially if you can help to steer the ship, as keeping your eye on the horizon is very helpful. If you have brought travel sickness remedies with you, you should take these as soon as possible.

Please note that we are not allowed to dispense medication on board, so you should bring your own supply of motion sickness tablets.

If all else fails, there is the option to leave the ship at the nearest port and stay in a hotel for a few days at your own cost, or return home early. We are confident that if sensible precautions are taken, you will not get to this point.

If you feel that you might be prone to seasickness, please ensure that you consult your pharmacist before leaving home, and bring a supply of suitable tablets with you. We are not allowed to dispense or administer seasickness medication on board, and cannot be held responsible for any health issues during your holiday.

Be prepared, and don’t let seasickness spoil your holiday!

Q: How long is the trip ?

A: You can choose an adventure lasting just a few hours to a week or longer. If you enjoy sailing with us it is possible to book a few weeks at a time and have a longer adventure. You can choose a really exciting voyage combining several shorter weekly trips to enjoy the experience, gain valuable skills and receive invaluable discounts. The longer you stay the fuller will be your experience as certain things you have to learn with time and we cannot show you absolutely everything on the ship in just a few days. If you are thinking that sailing might be your way of travelling and discovering the world we strongly advise you to book a longer voyage with us.

Q: What shall I bring with me?

A: There is no limit to the amount of luggage which you can bring however we do ask to carry it in SOFT bags as there is no space for hard suitcases on the ship. The soft bags can be easily folded and stowed away and there is plenty of space in the wardrobes in each cabin. JDL is a sailing vessel and we recommend that you bring practical clothing and other items such as:

waterproof clothing and warm under clothes and shoes as water often gets splashed around on the deck when sailing

swimming suit, sun cream, sandals also for walking on the deck when sailing to prevent stubbing your toes on many blocks and fittings

gloves, scarf and a hat – even during the summer it gets chilly at sea during night sailing

towel (full bedding is provided) and personal hygiene items. Please choose eco friendly cosmetics to limit the damage to the wildlife

any medicines which you might need as we are not allowed by law to administer medicines on board except for the first aid

your favourite book, camera, credit cards and other items which will make your trip relaxing and enjoyable

For your piece of mind if you have forgotten something from the above list there is always the option to buy it in the nearest port or we will find a near substitute on the ship whenever possible – so do not worry, just enjoy!!

Q: Is there internet on board?

A: Yes, there is. We have specially fitted a very powerful antenna at the top of our mast to ensure that there is good coverage however we are limited to the transmission provided by the internet provider in the marina. Sometimes the local internet is fast and powerful and sometimes it is not. This all depends on facilities available in each marina. When sailing it all depends on the distance from the land. There is always internet in the ports and we have two boosters on the ship to ensure that all cabins are covered.

Q: What can I expect onboard?

A: As most of the Tall Ships JDL is fitted and prepared to sail around the clock. But don’t worry we won’t keep you awake all night every night! There is a permanent crew onboard who can take care for the sailing and will take you safely from one port to another. We will sail at night as we believe that this brings a unique and very special experience and you can enjoy star gazing at the sky unpolluted by light. There is also incredible music of the waves and sea when sailing during the night with white sails above your head. You will be encouraged to join one of our three watches and take part in the sailing activities if you wish.

The usual day starts at 8am on sailing days, and 9am when in port or at anchor, with a cooked breakfast, when the Captain will tell you about the day’s activities. Lunch is served at 2pm and this can be when sailing. There will be tea and cake or biscuits at 5pm and tasty diner at 8pm will close the day in the galley. You will however be able to get tea and coffee, water and soft drinks throughout the day and night as the ship never sleeps. In the time between you will be encouraged to join the bosun in his every day activities or if joining the watch you will have your daily assigned tasks. During the days in the port the schedule can be changed to allow as much free time and time for excursions and sightseeing.

Q: What about the food ?

A: We do have a full time Spanish chef on board who prepares three hot meals each day. There is free tea and coffee ( and often cake or snacks in the afternoon) and we can also accommodate your needs if you have religious or personal (medical) dietary requirements. Let us know as early as possible and we will cater for Kosher, Hallal, Coeliacs, Vegetarians, Vegans and those with allergies and other problems.

There is basic food included in all prices unless otherwise specified. This includes cooked breakfast with sausages, eggs, baked beens as well as toast or fresh bread with jam, spread cheese, ham and cheddar plus yoghurts when possible. Most of the time you can expect to find porridge and cereals. Please ask for gluten free or lactose free substitutes as we also have them on board. Not all of these ingredients are always possible to obtain and of course other items might be available. For lunch you will be given a combination of chicken, curry, spaghetti both carbonara or Bolognese, curry, goulash or other meat or chops. We always have or can cater for vegetarians and all other diets but you have to ask first as not always a reach menu is possible in rough seas. Dinner will be a combination of warm quiches, pizza, savoury pastry or salads whether these are rice and veg or pasta salads.

Meals are cooked onboard and served at 8am, 2pm and 8pm. There is unlimited tea and coffee available between the meals 24hr.

If you want more fancy food such as Octopus, Seafood, Calamari (Squid), Steak, Cured ham, Goat or any other fancy food of course we can cook all of these for you at only €10 per person per dish. Alternatively some groups (and we recommend this option) collect a ship’s kitty for extra local delights.

There normally is a Spanish chef on board during each trip who prepares meals but of course you can always take the cooking in your own hands and be responsible for what you eat – just let us know.

Q: Alcohol

It is illegal and forbidden to drink alcohol at sea when sailing. It is against the JDL rules to bring your own alcohol onboard. When sailing with adults we have in our on board bar a selection of local beer, wine and rum, gin, whisky which you can buy at cost prices. Our staff can refuse to serve alcohol when at sea and for all other reasons. Captain’s decision is final.

It is forbidden to bring your own alcohol onboard JDL.

Q: What if there is a real problem ?

A: Apart from the classical VHF radio onboard, we also permanently have a satellite telephone. As a standard the ship is fitted with a number of other nautical ways of raising an alarm. The ship, the crew and everybody on board is fully insured so there never is a question being asked for payment by the rescue services. Parents can track their children’s progress on our website as JDL is fitted with AIS tracking system which is monitored on the map shown on the Tracking page on our website. As well as receiving telephone calls and reading our facebook page for updates from the deck (http://www.facebook.com/sailJDL/) you will literally be able to see the ship moving on the map along the agreed route.

Q: How experienced is the crew?

A: All full time members of our crew are fully qualified with current certificates and diplomas in their profession. They are hugely experienced and have spent many years at sea, sailing vessels of various sizes and teaching people about the art of sailing a square rigged tall ship. They are the best of the best in this field and we are very proud of having them on our team.

Q: What experience do I need?

A: No experience is needed. This can be your first sailing trip and we will make sure that by the time your journey ends you will feel like you’ve always been a born sailor. Amongst us we have trained thousands of people who were new to sailing and many of them now have skipper’s certificates and qualifications and this is only the proof that Everybody can come sailing with us! Regardless of your previous experience, whether you are looking for adventure and want to join the team or want a bit of peace and quiet, we will ensure that you will have enjoyable time. Just let us know right at the beginning what kind of trip you are looking for, and we will do our best.

Q: Do I need a visa?

A: This all depends on the law and international regulations, which countries we visit, and your country of origin and personal circumstances. You can check the Foreign Office for answers or email us the question and we will do our best to check this for you.

Q: What facilities does JDL have for Babies and children?

A: We sail with children from birth onwards and our own children have been raised on the ship from the earliest days. If you are planning a trip with your family – just talk to us and we are sure you will find on board absolutely everything you need from a high chair for eating to the potty and changing matt as well as a rather large selection of toys and books for children of all ages.

Q: Can disabled people go on JDL? If yes, are there facilities to accommodate them?

A: Unfortunately JDL can only welcome people with certain disabilities and this is due to the way she is built with some staircases not allowing access for wheelchairs. JDL can only accommodate people physically able to move on their own. JDL has had on board people with impaired vision, deafness and certain upper body disabilities, however we always recommend to get in touch with us before booking. There are however two other UK registered ships: Lord Nelson and Tenacious which both are fully geared up to accommodate disabilities of all kinds. They are our friends so ask us for details and we will help with getting in touch with them.

Q: Is sailing dangerous ?

A: No more dangerous than being on any ship or cruise liner at sea. JDL is British Flag registered and she has undergone thorough MCA requested checks and has all current safety certificates issued by the UK Maritime Coastal Agency and she operates as a fully certified Sail Training Vessel taking trainees on board. All training and safety briefing will be given by the qualified and experienced crew. We carry plenty of life jackets for all ages and sizes (also for children under 5) and we have two life rafts plus many other safety devices onboard. We can tell you about each of them in turn if you are concerned when you get onboard. Please ask as each of our crew members is trained and qualified to use all safety devices carried onboard. JDL is compliant with safety regulations necessary to cross the Atlantic. We have satellite telephone, world class navigation, GPS, radar, echo sonar, VHF radios and many more to keep everybody safe. Finally we also have paper charts and magnetic compass and we know how to use them if electronic navigation systems were to fail, which is extremely unlikely.

Q: What about the weather?

We cannot control the weather and only Neptune decides about the state of the sea each day. Although this is very rare the weather forecast might not cover some local conditions which develop during the day’s sailing. Whilst the captain will make every effort to avoid discomfort whilst sailing, he must make his decision at the time of the occurrence. The captain will make every effort to keep everybody comfortable and safe. The captain’s decision is final. If in doubt please speak to the member of staff at the time of sailing. We cannot help you nor change your experience weeks after you have returned home but we can act then and there to make your holiday the best you’ve ever had.

Q: What’s the difference between sailing a traditional Tall Ship and sailing a modern Yacht?

A: Unlike pleasure yachts and motorboats, a tall ship doesn’t depend on an engine to move, in fact we only need an engine to get in and out of ports. All other sailing is done with the power of our sails and this is always prioritised over motoring. On board a tall ship we sometimes sail during the night, often arriving at the port in the early hours and it is safe to do so using our up-to-date navigation systems.

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